Sunday, November 19, 2017

High Elves : Seaguards Bolt Thrower + Crew finished !

 I finished the Bolt thrower for my High Elves army. They're painted in the colors of the Seaguards.
 This is the metal one. I hope to find the plastic version some day at reasonable price.
 Painted so far : 221

Paint Table Saturday 211th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 211th edition !
Welcome to paint table 211 !
Another week has past... This week I finished 5 High Elves Spearmen ( old models ) & a High Elves Bolt Thrower + crew. ( They will be seen in the next post )
So this brings my total for this year up to 221 miniatures so far... Another 19 to go to finish my personal goal. ( 20 mini's / month ) No goals were set for this year , so no disappointments.
Year overview (painted mini's) since the beginning of this blog : 
2011 : 116
2012 : 84
2013 : 125
2014 : 210
2015 : 275
2016 : 200
2017 so far : 221
So the last 4 years I managed to get 200 + miniatures... not bad if I do say so myself...In total 1231 mini's in 7 years of blogging!
At the moment I'm working on 5 Witch Elves. They will be integrated in my High Elves army. (purple division) The base color + wash are done for the skin and hair. Now I just started on the purple...and apparently I missed a few spots...
That's it for this week's paint table! 
See you all next week !

Thursday, November 16, 2017

High Elves : 5 Spearmen finished !

I finished these 5 High Elves Spearmen today. Together with their 5 brothers they form another group of 10 Spearmen.
I love these old spearmen. Especially their shields. My favorite : The horse ! And yours ?
 And here united with their brothers :
Painted so far : 218

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 210th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 210th edition !
Welcome to paint table 210.
This week was a productive one. I finished the Stormcast Eternals from the Shadespire box. Finished Joseph Bugman. 
 And started on some High Elves Spearmen. 5 of them. They're almost finished , except for the base & gems. (To complete a group of 10 ... 5 are already waiting for these ones to join them) After that I started on the Bolt thrower + crew yesterday. And 90 % of the base colors + wash are done.

That's it for this weeks paint table.
See you all next week for a new edition !

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dwarfs : Joseph Bugman finished !

 I finished the base and so the model.
This is my version of Joseph Bugman !
 Another beautiful special piece for my Dwarf army.

Painted so far : 213

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Shadespire : Stormcast Eternals finished !

I finished the Stormcast half of the Shadespire box.
I took the opportunity to try out some new color-schemes. 
Severin Steelheart :
I used the Knights Excelsior color-scheme on him with the usual changes to make it my own of course !
 Obryn the Bold :
I used the Celestial Vindicators color-scheme on him with the usual changes to make it my own of course !
 Angharad Brightshield :
I used the Celestial Warbringers color-scheme on her with the usual changes to make it my own of course ! And yes , it's a she. I can't wait for a full box of these. I hope they make them soon ! Perhaps with some beautiful female heads...
Painted so far : 212

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Crisis Antwerp 2017

 4th of November : Crisis ! ! ! 
 Starting with the most interesting table at the entrance of Crisis !
A huge table with a battlefield with all army's of Warhammer fantasy.
Many great games and miniatures !
Game Table of the local gameclub : Golden Goblins.
And many inspiring projects to drool on :)
Great miniatures...
Or busts...
And some flashy displays...
And selfie-time :) ... my wife & I ...
We had a great time even if it was a turbo visit this year.
And I found some very interesting things. (The loot you can see at Paint Table Saturday 209th edition)
Until next year Crisis !
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